30 Minute Rap

No sermon this week, as the intern at St. Mark’s had the reins for First Sunday of Advent. So I thought I’d share something I wrote a few weeks ago at a youth revival/retreat weekend. After hearing a talk given by one of the teens, we had about half an hour to compose a rap in response. This is the text of the one I shared with the group.

Here’s a little freestyle:
I’m walking a mile,
But I never got sent.
I’m tuning the dial,
But my antenna’s bent.
I’m always on trial,
I’m the defendant,
And God’s never here –
Only transcendent.

I’ve never been confident,
Never been nothing but spent.
Dejection – always on the scent,
Rejection won’t relent.

But they tell me God sent
A Son to us
To come to us
To care for us
To share for us
The love of the Creator.
Nothing could be greater,
So why can I not see it?
A Christian –
Why can I not be it?

Or does it even matter?
God is pitching, I’m the batter –
Nothing but strikes,
But I’m swinging and missing.
Is anybody listening?
Is anybody listening?
God, are you listening?



I feel a prod against my shoulder,
A second push against my boulder.
Fling out my hand, there’s a holder.

I don’t understand,
But I feel a presence.
No matter my hesitance,
No matter my reticence,
No matter it doesn’t always make sense.
The presence is there
Saying four words,
And I don’t need any more words.
And I know the words are true:

“I care for you.
I care for you.
I care for you.”

Photo by Tegan Mierle on Unsplash.

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