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The Lord’s Prayer
Learning the Words Jesus Taught

A deep encounter with the Lord’s Prayer through words and photography, to help young children learn the words for the first time and their parents to learn them anew.

I have said the Lord’s Prayer thousands upon thousands of times: at church on Sunday morning, at meetings, before soccer games, in the hospital rooms of patients with dementia, and with my children. But it wasn’t until I tried to explain to my three-year-olds what “hallowed” means that I realized I needed this book. Indeed, these pages do not attempt to explain anything; rather, they seek to invite the person praying – child and adult alike – into a deep encounter with the words Jesus taught us. On the left side of each page, you will find the Lord’s Prayer in the tradition language of the Episcopal Church. On the right side of each page is a very brief commentary on each phrase that mimics the form of the prayer itself. You might pray one or the other or both together. My hope is that, as your children learn the Lord’s Prayer, you will learn it again and discover new depth in the words Jesus taught us.

PEACH: A Bible Study About Bible Study

PEACH is a five-week Bible study series about how to study the Bible! This class is great for individuals wondering how to get into the practice of Bible study or for groups looking for deeper engagement. Each week, you will engage one of the letters of P.E.A.C.H.

  • Begin with PRAYER as a way to move into a space of openness and generosity.
  • ENCOUNTER the sacred text authentically and without ornament.
  • Breathe in the ATMOSPHERE that surrounds the passage to deepen your engagement.
  • Listen for the CHARGE God places on your heart.
  • Practice HUMILITY in the face of the unresolved.

By the end of the course, I hope you will have integrated this memorable way to study sacred texts into your own practice. P.E.A.C.H. has blessed me with simple touchstones to remember as I engage the Bible.

Advent with the Gospel of Luke

A daily devotional book for your Advent observance. Entries from December 1st through Christmas follow the first two chapters of the Gospel according to Luke – from the birth announcements of John and Jesus to the songs of Mary and Zechariah to the birth of Jesus, and culminating with the presentation in the temple. This Advent study will make a meaningful addition to your personal or group preparation for the feast of the Incarnation. Read s-l-o-w-l-y, a few verses at a time, and dive deep into Luke’s tale surrounding the birth of Jesus. Each day features a selection of verses, a short devotion, a question to ponder, and a prayer.

Letters from Ruby

LettersfromRuby - Cover 3When the newly ordained Episcopal priest Rev. Calvin Harper arrives in Victory, West Virginia, to be the pastor at an ailing parish, he has no idea how much he still has to learn about being a priest. Thankfully, Ruby Redding takes the young man under her wing and teaches him everything she has learned throughout her long, storied life. Seminary never taught Calvin that the only true way to be a witness to God’s presence in this world is to remain in relationships with people no matter what life throws at them. His studies never taught him that detachment is the bane of ministry. He never learned that deep grief comes only from deep love. But in his first year in Victory, Calvin learns all this and more from Ruby, a woman so full of God’s light that it can’t help but spill onto the people around her. (Published by Abingdon Press)

Digital Disciple

digitaldisciple-CVRThis time in our society is unlike any other. People communicate daily without ever having to speak face to face, news breaks around the world in a matter of seconds, and favorite TV shows can be viewed at our convenience. We are, simultaneously, a people of connection and isolation. As Christians, how do we view our faith and personal ministry in this culture? Adam Thomas invites you to explore this question using his unique, personal, and often humorous insight. Thomas notes, “[The Internet] has added a new dimension to our lives; we are physical, emotional, spiritual, and now virtual people. But I believe that God continues to move through every facet of our existence, and that makes us new kinds of followers. We are digital disciples.” (Published by Abingdon Press)

“I gain renewed hope for the future by looking at a new generation of emerging Christian leaders like Adam Thomas.”
–Brian McLaren, author of A New Kind of Christianity

Converge Bible Study: Who is Jesus?

Have you ever stopped to think just how much better Jesus Christ knows you than you know him? It’s a pretty staggering thought really. Not only that, Jesus knows you better than you know yourself. And although you’ll never know Jesus as well as he knows you, part of following the Son of God is getting to know him better. But you don’t want to fall into the trap of learning stuff “about” Jesus. Rather, you want to know Jesus himself. This study invites you to get to know four elements of what makes Jesus who he is: his name, his voice, his life, and his peace. In Who Is Jesus? you’ll discover that the more you know Jesus, the more Jesus will teach you who you are. (Published by Abingdon Press)

Unusual Gospel for Unusual People

It’s probably time for those of us who follow Jesus to realize we are once again the unusual ones in society. Sure, a majority of Americans profess a belief in God and identify as some sort of Christian, but there’s a big difference between checking “Christianity” on the census form and living your life as a follower of Jesus. People who strive to follow Jesus every day of their lives are fewer and farther between than at any point in history since the early church was still illegal. How many of us feel a bit weird talking about our faith in public? How many of us know the dialogue to old Friends episodes better than we know the stories that feed our faith? How many of us want to dedicate ourselves to Christ, but have trouble finding the time? If you’re like me, and you put yourselves in one or more of these categories, then the story you should read is this unusual Gospel of John.