Davies Tales

I have been writing the Davies Tales since spring of 2008, when I accidentally wrote the first one, “These Inadequate Hands,” for a class in seminary. I say “accidentally” because when I originally wrote it, the main character was Adam Thomas, not Aidan Davies. Now, you’re probably thinking that — when I converted the story from first person perspective to third person — I could have picked a name that didn’t resemble mine so closely. Too late for that now.

Anyway, creating the character of Aidan Davies has allowed me to wade into the shallows of autobiographical fiction, and I love the temperature of the water when I do. The stories are autobiographical in that they spring from events that have actually happened to me (well, most of them…one so far is completely made up, and I’m not telling which). And the stories are fictional because (as my wise editor once told me) one should never let fact get in the way of a good story. Well, that and Aidan is ever-so-slightly more neurotic than I am.*

If you’ve noticed a lack of new Davies tales for quite a while now, then you’re not mistaken. In the late spring of 2011, Aidan gave way to a new character named Calvin, who is the main character in my first novel length work, Letters from Ruby, which was published in 2013 by Abingdon Press. I’m sure Aidan Davies will be back someday. Until then, enjoy the following short stories.

Written Order

These Inadequate Hands
While working at summer camp, Davies helps with the laying on of hands.

Just Roy
Davies meets a homeless man at his seminary.

Davies wanders his seminary campus looking for inspiration for a paper.

Baby Boy
While working as a hospital chaplain, Davies has his first up close encounter with death.

Davies meets with the Commission on Ministry.

Davies attends an Ash Wednesday service when he is in fourth grade.

Green Tea
Davies ponders how to help a woman in distress at a coffee shop.

Davies walks to the hospital to visit an injured child and her mother.

First Time (parts one and two)
On the morning of his first Sunday as a priest, Davies celebrates Holy Communion.

Davies and his family are under siege during a conflict at church.


Chronological Order

Ashes — Elementary School

Runaway — Elementary School

These Inadequate Hands — College

Guillotine — College

Baby Boy — Seminary

Just Roy — Seminary

Inspiration — Seminary

First Time (parts one and two) — First year of priesthood

Green Tea — Second year of priesthood

Cloudburst — Second year of priesthood

* Special thanks to Gordon Atkinson, whose character “Foy” gave me the inspiration to begin my own series of autobiographical fiction. If you haven’t read the “Foy Stories,” read them because they are really great. Since Atkinson originally  referred to “Foy Davis” as simply “Foy,” I didn’t realize the similarity of names until it was too late.

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