The Connecticut Statement

This week I helped my friend, the Rev. Adam Yates, and a group of other clergy in Connecticut craft a response to the Nashville Statement. Our first attempt was little more than a reactionary rebuttal of the Nashville Statement’s affirmations and denials. It turns out we needed to write that first draft in order for it to evolve into what we really wanted to say. The second draft is an expansive vision of God’s creation and the rich diversity of people who belong to that creation. Because it is still a response to the Nashville Statement, ours still focuses on sexual orientation and gender identity. But it goes further than that, because as we wrote it, we reveled in the rediscovery of just how wondrous and creative is our God.

I invite you to read the Connecticut Statement here and to pray for those who feel personally attacked by the Nashville Statement because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. May the Holy Spirit continue to move all Christians, indeed all people, to a more expansive view of humanity and humanity’s capacity for celebrating diversity.

2 thoughts on “The Connecticut Statement

  1. Love thy neighbor as yourself. Obviously if you want to exclude others, you want to exclude yourself. But don’t worry, for the accepting churches have a place for you.

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