Digital Disciple Chapter 3: Remote Intimacy

Here’s the third in a six part video series produced to accompany the book Digital Disciple. This video series is designed to be used in a class setting to introduce the material and spur discussion. Of course, watching it by yourself is fine too!

Don’t forget to head over to the Facebook page and participate in a little quiz about this video. In a few days, we’ll pick a random winner from those who participate. The winner will receive an autographed copy of the book, the DVD, and a Doctor Who t-shirt like the one Adam wore in the video! It could be you!

One thought on “Digital Disciple Chapter 3: Remote Intimacy

  1. Well stated – that’s a lot to think on; I loved the comments on creating an avatar of others. As someone who fell in love with someone that I met in World of War craft … I often think about this; I know now that I love the person of Sean, but I also know that I loved him before I knew his person. Interesting thing about relationships, but I think that’s the same thing I felt about our son, too. I loved Zack before I knew him, and when he just was as knowable as an avatar. I only had pieces of information about him when I carried him. I likely made up stories about his person, which may be as real as anything else. Now he’s here, and I love him even more. He doesn’t have any real language yet, so again I know I’m making best guesses about what his wants and likes are.

    Dig a little deeper and I find myself asking — do we really every KNOW anyone, any more than what they care to share with us?

    Great topic! 🙂

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