A Bard’s Christmas Song

Here is the yearly iteration of my Christmas Day sermon/song. It is a musical rendition of parts of John 1 and Luke 1-2. I absolutely love singing it, and it is the highlight of my Christmas worship every year. This is the first time I have recorded the song since 2012.

*This year, I changed the name from “A Minstrel’s Christmas Song” to “A Bard’s Christmas Song.” When I first wrote the song back in 2006, I was thinking of the word “minstrel” in the sense of a medieval traveling performer. But the American connotation of the word with racist performance that helped create and sustain Jim Crow has made me change up my title to better reflect my original intent. The song remains about the same as I’ve performed it every year since 2006 (with slight alterations over the years).

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