Introducing the Podcast for Nerdy Christians

This week, my friend and colleague, Carrie Combs, and I launched our new podcast!

The Podcast for Nerdy Christians sits at the intersection of those two words. We love nerdy things like Star Wars and Harry Potter, and we love Jesus. The idea for the podcast came from the article I wrote last spring about grief in Avengers: Endgame. I realized that so much of my life runs through a pair of intertwining influences: nerd culture and following Jesus Christ. I asked Carrie to partner with me in this adventure because I knew her life exhibits the same pattern. I’m so glad she said, “Yes!”

We recorded the first three episodes before launching #1 in order to prove to ourselves that we liked what we were doing. And we do! This podcast is the perfect place to talk about all the nerdy stuff I can’t put into sermons because the references are too obscure or would take too much time to explain.

There is so much amazing content to mine in Nerd Canon that we will be putting into conversation with our lives as followers of Jesus Christ. We invite you to come along on this adventure with us!

Season 1 is all about big archetypes in fantasy and science fiction. We’re starting with our Pilot episode, which, appropriately enough, is about Pilots. Give it a listen, and then subscribe wherever you curate your podcasts! Here’s the Apple podcast link. Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcast, and TuneIn coming soon.

Visit our website at Like our Facebook page and comment on Episode One.

Podcast for Nerdy Christians || “Pilot” || Ep. 0101

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