The Parable of the Good Shepherd

No sermon this week, so instead, I am excited to share with you a project that I was blessed to work on last summer. Stories of God at Home is a new book by Godly Play founder Jerome Berryman. The book takes several of the most beloved Godly Play stories and adapts them for use by families at home at various points in the year.

I had the opportunity to record a video for the Parable of the Good Shepherd, which was so much fun, but also nerve-racking, considering it is the proto-Godly Play story.

If you’ve never seen a Godly Play story told, here’s your chance to watch one. I will warn you: you may have trouble getting ready for this story and keeping alert during it. Part of Godly Play is the deliberate movement of objects during the story, which adds much needed silence to help the story breathe. Children who are used to participating in Godly Play stories know this, but adults might wonder how the stories keep the children’s attention. I assure you, don’t worry about that! Just breathe with the story and let yourself wonder about the movement of God in your life and the life of the world.

Here’s my telling of the Parable of the Good Shepherd:

You can purchase the book and materials here.


(Disclaimer: I am a member of the Godly Play Foundation Board of Directors. I was not paid in any way for posting this material.)

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