Reintroducing Season 3 of the Podcast for Nerdy Christians

In August 2019, Carrie Combs and I launched the Podcast for Nerdy Christians, and we’ve had a blast ever since sharing discussions at the intersection of our faith and our nerdiness. Sometimes we joke that we created the podcast so we could talk about all the nerdy things that we can’t fit into our sermons.

As we prepare for Season Four this fall, I’m reissuing the earlier episodes here to get you caught up. Season 3 saw our introduction of guests and has some of our best episodes to date.

Here are all the episodes of Season 3.

Captain Marvel: Who Do You Say That I Am? (Ep 0301)

Inside Out: How Our Emotions Shape Us (Ep 0302)

Stranger Things: This is My Son, the Beloved (Ep 0303)

Frozen: Open Up the Gates (Ep 0304)

Frozen 2: Grow Yourself Into Something New (Ep 0305)

Star Trek: Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations (Ep 0306)

Lord of the Rings: I Can Carry You (Ep 0307)

Dungeons and Dragons: Exercising the Divine Imagination (Ep 0308)

End of Season Trivia Challenge (Ep 0309)

Check back next week for links to the episodes in Season 3.75.

You can find the Podcast for Nerdy Christians wherever you download your podcasts.

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