Season 3 of the Podcast for Nerdy Christians

In August 2019, Carrie Combs and I launched the Podcast for Nerdy Christians, and we’ve had a blast ever since sharing discussions at the intersection of our faith and our nerdiness. Sometimes we joke that we created the podcast so we could talk about all the nerdy things that we can’t fit into our sermons. Then again, I recently talked about Stranger Things in a sermon, to go along with my copious Star Wars references.

The podcast is important to us because it helps us exercise an important spiritual muscle that we all have – the ability to view your “normal” life through the lens of your “faithful” life. I put those two words in quotations because there really is not distinction, except in the ways we often practice our faith (as a Sunday morning only type of thing).

During the season of Advent, which we entered yesterday, we practice the gift of noticing as we anticipate the coming of Christ both as the baby in the manger and as the One who will restore all things to God. This noticing is so much less difficult when we don’t bifurcate our lives into “normal” and “faithful.”

Talking about our faith using the language of nerd culture helps us remember the two sides of life are really one.

The podcast is now deep in its third season, but the seasons are short (seven to nine episodes each), and we invite you to check it out wherever you get your podcasts. Click here to go to the podcast’s website.

Season 3, Episode 6:
Star Trek: Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations

In Season Three, we are looking at facets of identity, and our sixth episode uses the lens of Star Trek to look at gender, sex, and sexual orientation. In this episode we welcome our first ever special guest: Rowan Larson, a friend, podcast listener, and the trekkiest of Star Trek fans. Plus, in our book club we tackle chapters 17-20 of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

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