Books on the Book (Bible study #14)

In the fourth installment of The Moving Picture Bible Study, join me for a field trip to my seminary’s library to look at some of the books you can use to help you study the Bible. They get pretty heavy, so no need to go to the gym after this video.

3 thoughts on “Books on the Book (Bible study #14)

  1. Weird coincidence, I was just having a dinner convo with my friend about the very topic of exegesis!! (Honest, it was more exciting than that description sounds. Plus there was beer. And theology debate. And salmon. Oh, the salmon.) Anyway, I — the half of the dinner duo without an M.Div — was pestering her about the best way to research context and backstory for Bible passages.

    Anyway, before I geek out even more about interweb/real life synergy, I’ll stop and say thanks for the great video. And reminding me what a library looks like. (I kid, I kid.)

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