Bible Study

Here is a collection of Bible studies I did in the first two years of the blog, culminating in the four episodes of “The Moving Picture Bible Study,” which I produced before I moved to Massachusetts. (The set was never reconstructed once I moved, hence the lack of MPBS.)

Books on the Book (Bible study #14) || February 11, 2010

The Best Christmas Pageant Never (Bible study #13) || December 17, 2009

Humor in the Bible (Bible study #12) || October 22, 2009 tv2

Getting on the same page (Bible study #11) || August 17, 2009 tv2

Viral papyri (Bible study #10) || March 13, 2009

Unmuddying the waters (Bible study #9) || December 31, 2008

Twenty questions (Bible study #8 ) || December 11, 2008

Don’t just read it (Bible study #7) || November 20, 2008

Tabula rooster (Bible study #6) || September 23, 2008

Getting lost in the stacks (Bible study #5) || September 10, 2008

Expect to be surprised (Bible study #4) || August 21, 2008

Alphabet soup (Bible study #3) || July 11, 2008

Pick your periscope (Bible study #2) || July 3, 2008

Weapons-grade interpretation (Bible study #1) || June 20, 2008

One thought on “Bible Study

  1. I’m in my 89th year, and have had a special regard for the Millenial Generation, anticipating its promise (and always calling it by that name). I still attend regular weekly Bible study at Saint Andrew’s in Ann Arbor, where we follow the Revised Common Lectionary readings for our study. I plan to relate your Bible study and your blog to my Saint Andrew’s study. I am so very pleased to see the promise of the Millenials unfolding in your writing and in your ministry. Bob Copp, Saint Andrew’s, Ann Arbor

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