Sabbatical Notes, Week 9: Pictures of Pilgrimage

Week Nine of Sabbatical notes finds me really, really jet-lagged. Like can’t form full sentences jet-lagged. So instead of writing a piece for this week, I put together a slideshow of some of my pictures from the nine-day pilgrimage, accompanied by some rambling voiceover. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Sabbatical Notes, Week 9: Pictures of Pilgrimage

  1. Thank you, the slideshow was very good and helped me to see something at my age I will never get to do. All of the images we moving to me in one form or another. The very last image with the razor wire just … I guess I have no words to describe my feelings of war versus peace or why I have tears welling up. Such a land of peace and love that defines our faith being torn apart by hate and war. Their is but one God, call him/she by what ever name, still the one God. This God as I see it teaches love to all. I have read only one book, the Bible, but I am told the other two books teach similar messages of love for God and our neighbors. This land where all three religions stem from is torn by hate and war for each other.

  2. Just watching and listening was moving, the experience in the present must be many, many things. I share your joy! Safe travels.

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