I invite you to listen to some of my self-recorded music. Based on the level of recording equipment I had at various times, some tracks are better quality than others. I hope you enjoy the songs! Cheers, Adam

I’ll Go Before You (A Pandemic EP)

Written from April to September 2020 and recorded in October 2020.

Lift Up Your Eyes
Carry Me
I Am
Christlike Love
Who Do You Say I Am?
Together in Love


The Way of the Cross


Opening Antiphon
Closing Antiphon
Complete Song (one track)

(I wrote this work over three consecutive Lents from 2008 to 2010 to accompany a Way of the Cross service, which I have done with members of the youth group acting out silent tableaus of the scenes. It’s quite a powerful service.)

wtwdividerThe Seven Last Words of Christ


1. I am a Thread
2. Remember Me
3. How He Loves
4. The Torrents Overtake Me
5. The Well is Deep
6. Ten Years
7. How I’m Designed


(I wrote these songs in response to reading Jesus’ words from the cross found in the Passion narratives. I gave myself two hours to write and one hour to record each song. They are not polished and some are better than others — but they are all my prayer, and prayer is rarely polished, nor does it need to be.)

Written on the Backs of Envelopes


1. This Day, Lord
(words by Angela Ashwin)
2. Behind Your Eyes
3. The Mountain’s Still There
4. Come Dwell
5. Miserere Mei
6. All the Earth
7. Don’t Wait for Death
8. Photograph
9. Too Many Years Ago
10. Stay with Me
(words by John Cardinal Newman)

(I recorded this album in December 2008 in my kitchen.)


A Gospel Medley

An eight minute abridgment of the Gospel using some tunes you may recognize.

You can check out the lyrics here.

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