The Current Intro

February 2014

Welcome to My name is Adam Thomas. I am a priest and a writer, and I couldn’t be one without the other. Writing helps me process how God is moving in my life and how I am responding to that movement. And being a priest gives me things to write about.

If you stumble into the back left hand corner of your local Barnes & Noble (that’s where they keep the Christian fiction — as far from the coffee as possible), you might have come across my first novel, Letters from Ruby, which was published in August 2013. I hope you will give it a read. Everyone I know who has read it has told me it’s not too shabby, and that everyone includes more than just my mom.

This website (and my priesthood) is in its sixth year. Features like the Moving Picture Bible Study and DevotiONEighty have come and gone, but my desire to keep creating content remains. I hope to get back to video blogging in the near future as time permits. Look out for more frequent sermons, too, as I am now preaching every week! This is a result of being called as the rector of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Mystic, Connecticut.

I hope you will continue this journey with me and look for where the wind of the Holy Spirit is blowing in your life. Ask yourself these two questions. Where do you find God’s presence in each of your days? And where is God calling you to be God’s presence in this world? God has never stopped creating, and each one of us has the joyous opportunity to join God’s creative activity. This creativity mixes imagination, wonder, and compassion with devotion, discipline, and elbow grease. When we respond to God’s creativity with our own, the outcome brings more love and more freedom than there was before. Think how blessed we are to be a part of it!

Thank you for reading May God show you where your unique gifts can bring healing to this broken, yet beautiful world.